Drive towards a carbon zero future
with Kight

Kight Off-Grid specialises in innovative hybrid solar and wind, fully autonomous, off-grid LED lighting solutions.

We care deeply about the environment and are constantly looking for ways to be innovative and develop sustainable solutions which are free from fossil fuels and independent of the grid.

To support our environmental ambitions and responsibility, we design and manufacture best in class off-grid lighting products. Our in-house team of off-grid technology and lighting experts have over 40 years industry experience and a passion to create a fully sustainable, carbon zero future, one product at a time.

Energised by Natural Resources

Benefits of utilising Kight Off-Grid Solutions.

Advanced Technology

Kight products are truly green with off-grid technology designed specifically for our products. No loss of efficiency or charge rate in temperatures as low as minus
25 degrees.

Dual Energy Input

Harnessing both wind and solar energy. Simultaneously capturing energy all-year round even in poor weather conditions. In house designed integration system that optimises the input, storage and output.

Long Life Cycle

Our products are made from fully recyclable, robust materials that won't degrade over time. Kight battery cells have a 20 year life cycle. Extended product life means better value for money.

Fully Monitored

Centralised remote monitoring performance of system via private network. Full remote adjustability of lighting levels and on/off timings.

Cost Efficiency & Savings

Our products are powered from 100% green, clean energy with no running costs and no emissions. Minimal installation costs with no external wiring required. Cost savings with installation, maintenance, administration and logistics.

Designed for UK Weather

Designed to produce enough green energy to provide 16 hours of light and back-up during critical winter months. No external generator charging or on-grid recharging required.

Our Products

Fully off-grid, permanent & semi-permanent column lighting solutions.

Fully off-grid, permanent and semi-permanent column lighting for housing developments, commercial areas and street lighting.

Reliable, off-grid lighting solutions for construction, highways, rail and outdoor events.

Cost saving, off-grid, fully autonomous, roundabout and traffic signage lighting solutions

Delivering sustainable infrastructure through innovation


Industry recognition

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